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Children and adolescents of all ages go through occasional disruptive behaviour like defiance, aggression and impulsivity.

But you may have noticed signs that your child is feeling sad or withdrawn for several days, is not interested in playing with other children or has difficulty making friends. He/she may experience sudden overwhelming fear for no apparent reason, demonstrate out-of-control behaviour, has dramatically changed his/her eating habits or experiences intense worries or fears that get in the way of daily activities.

Perhaps school tells you that your child has difficulty concentrating or staying still that puts him/her in physical danger or causes school failure. Other signs may include intense irritability, drastic changes in behaviour or personality, severe mood swings that cause problems in relationships and repeated or compulsive use of drugs, alcohol or technology.

Educate yourself to separate typical moodiness from warning signs of a mental health condition and find professional guidance on how best to manage each situation with love, composure and knowledge. Early intervention can help prevent more severe, lasting problems as your child grows up.

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