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1. Put your clients first

Offer your clients mobility and the comfort to speak to you from wherever they prefer. Reduce no-shows. Help eliminate common obstacles to mental healthcare access - cost, time and stigma. Adapt now to a fast-changing world!


2. Specialise

Enhance your income through specializing. Spend more time making clients better and let us find new ones you can help. Benefit from our HPCSA-compliant advertising campaigns targeting clientele suited to your expertise.


3. Work-life balance

Carve your job to follow your passions, set your own hours, work from wherever you please. Starting a new practice? Juggling family? Want to work after-hours? Relocating? We make work easier and much cheaper for you.


4. Your online practice

Instant integration with your regular practice and website. Diary synchronisation, upfront collections, zero bad debts, medical aid claims, reduced admin and fixed costs. Make your practice more financially resilient and efficient.


5. Join a community

Benefit from our economies of scale. Become part of our community of professionals and shape the future of the mental healthcare industry. Refer, be referred by and consult with your online colleagues easily and efficiently.


6. Privacy & confidentiality

Conduct online sessions in a compliant environment. Our video communications are HPCSA/POPI/HIPAA/GDPR-compliant and Privacy Shield-certified, in line with the global best practice in telemedicine.

Join our community of licensed practitioners

The process:

    1. Click below to register as a therapist.
    2. Upload your details and registration number/s, access legal agreements.
    3. We conduct our verification procedures within 24h and email you to confirm.
    4. Once registered, populate your professional profile, pricing and availability in full.
    5. Send us an email and we’ll conduct a short demo session with you.
    6. Start accepting client sessions.