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About giving a gift voucher

We tend to feel completely comfortable gifting vouchers for clothes, books, a massage treatment or have a daring experience like paragliding. Yet somehow the act of gifting a session with a therapist, counsellor or couch can feel daunting.  

In reality however giving a Headroom gift voucher is simply another way to tell someone that you care about them and that you wish for them to live a  full, happy and healthy life. Of course you need to approach this in a way that isn’t insulting or demeaning:

If you have had a positive experience with a therapist, counsellor or coach a gift voucher is a way to share this with someone who you care about. Opening up about your positive experience is a way to communicate that everyone, including yourself, can take something positive away from have a someone support you in unpacking what’s happening on the inside.

It’s a way to show that you care deeply about what someone is going through, but you feel inadequate in this moment to provide this person the support that you really think they need. To share with them what you might do if you were facing the same situation despite the fact that seeking help may be daunting, you feel that the gift voucher could be the gentle that we all like to hold as we step into the unfamiliar…

Life is a journey. We are constantly learning from our own experiences, mistakes, colleagues, friends, children and parents… At times we may feel unprepared, ill equipped and alone. The guidance and insight of a therapist, counsellor or coach with the perfect experience can spare us, and those around us, a lot of difficult detours when the road already feels long and arduous. Seize the moment to skill up emotionally and mentally and find yourself back on life’s flats and downhills sooner than you would have expected. Lets help those around us with what we’ve leant and share the opportunity to seek expert help when we feel that what’s available to us is inadequate for where we want to be.

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amazing mental healthcare for everyone in seconds at Headroom Mental Health

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