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Why Therapy and Counselling

  • A healthy mind and a balanced emotional body are vitally important to everyone. Mental health requires constant awareness, attention, and maintenance.

  • Some people think that only people with mental illnesses have to pay attention to their mental health. But it is true for everyone. Good mental health is essential to creating the life we want.

    • Feel mentally fit
    • Enjoy life and overcome setbacks
    • Balance the mental, physical, social and spiritual
    • Go from burden to healing

Why Headroom?

  • Online therapy, counselling and coaching is growing worldwide and is effective.

    It is simply a convenience that people now expect.

  • But mental healthcare is a regulated industry and clients need adequate protection.
    • No more freely available platforms exposing you and your Personal Health Information to risk
    • Only licensed therapists, counsellors and coaches
    • We protect your privacy, security and confidentiality


Services for Clients


Healthcare Standard
Online Consultations

HIPAA/GDPR-compliant video-consultation platform, at the global standard for telehealth. Our system is adapted for the South African regulations and POPIA to ensure that your personal health information is handled responsibly at all times. We are independent of any medical aid provider and only list verified and licensed professionals.


Instant Scheduling, Easy
Payment And Invoicing

We are not simply a directory.
We cover all the next steps too – rate transparency, easy instant booking with your chosen professional, direct payments through a secure payment gateway, therapist-specific discounted price packages and medical aid compliant invoices sent directly to your email. We do not store, record or share your data.


Lowering The Barriers
To Access Help

We know that fear, stigma and cost can make seeking help difficult. We partner with mental healthcare ecosystem players to enable wider access for people to psychosocial support. We help bring additional professional capacity to those who need it. Education matters - you can find free self-help articles, guides and toolkits on our website.

We INFORM, LOWER the BARRIERS and harness reliable TECHNOLOGY

making it possible for anyone to reach out to licensed professionals
for mental, emotional and social support.


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How our

Clients Benefit:


1. Easy Access

We bring you mobility and the convenience of speaking to your therapist, counsellor or coach from your preferred place of comfort and safety and from your preferred device.


2. Budget Friendly

We broaden the options available to you at various price levels, so whatever your budget, you and your loved ones can access and financially sustain professional help when you need it.


3. Better knowledge

We provide transparent and comparable information on all professionals. We inform and guide you through your client journey to help you make an informed choice that works for you.


4. Work-life balance

We save you time and cost of travel. You avoid stressful absences from work, book sessions after-hours, on weekends or while on holiday. Make your life easier, flexible, and more satisfying.


5. A community

You benefit from our interactions with the mental health and well-being community. Join us on social media and follow the latest news, blogs and developments shared on our platforms.


6. Privacy & confidentiality

We take care of the technicalities and safeguards. So that you can stay focused on your goals, follow trusted advice and start living a life that simply feels better.


The secret is getting started.
Privately, affordably, anytime and from anywhere…
in 4 simple steps...


1. Register

Create a user profile with your personal details or a nickname.


2. Choose your professional

Search the range of licensed professionals to find a match that suits your criteria.


3. Book a session

Select an appropriate time in the professional’s calendar, make a booking and payment.


4. Engage

Log into your dashboard and start talking to your therapist, counsellor or coach. From anywhere!


Browse our directory of Therapists, Counsellors and Coaches available for immediate booking.
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“Let it go, let it out,
let it all unravel.
Let it free and it can be
a path on which to travel..."

Michael Leunig​