Specialized psychotherapy

Specialized psycho-social support

Whether you wish to explore or better understand a specific aspect of your life, have already been diagnosed, or seek a professional diagnosis or a specific therapeutic approach, please use the below filters to identify the most suitable specialist for your needs.

SHOULD YOU NOT FIND what you are looking for:

We can assist you in a short consultation conducted by a Registered Counsellor. This consultation serves to give you direction and/or specific referral only and not to develop a therapeutic relationship with you.

You can SAVE HOURS researching and contacting various professionals to make sense of who can or cannot help in your circumstances. Book an intro session and allow us to guide you:

Alternatively, some professionals offer a deeply discounted first session to confirm whether they are the right match for you.  If you have a professional in mind but are not 100% sure if they would be suitable for your specific case, take advantage of this opportunity. Use the filter “Discounted First Session” below to see if your preferred person is open to this. 

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“Let it go, let it out,
let it all unravel.
Let it free and it can be
a path on which to travel..."

Michael Leunig​