Campaign Signup – Mandela Day 2021

Our goal is 670 hours of free support for Entrepreneurs!

Extend special support to those who have lost their livelihoods in the looting and unrest in South Africa!

Innovative entrepreneurs are generating much of Africa’s employment, income and hope for a better future. The opportunities they create require a workforce with a solid mental, emotional and psychosocial foundation capable of building sustainable eco-systems and livelihoods.

This Mandela Day we dedicate our support to the African entrepreneurial talent navigating the challenging mix of cut-throat start-up survival and the uncertainties brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, and to the young people working hard to launch aspirational careers in the current environment.

Headroom Online Therapy is proud to partner with mental health professionals, organisations, individuals and communities supporting innovation and youth skills development.

TOGETHER we help minimise the barriers of ACCESS, STIGMA and COST to psychosocial support for all

Headroom’s easily accessible, private and secure online platform makes it possible for anyone to consult with therapists and counsellors from their place of comfort and convenience.
Anytime. Anywhere. Affordably.

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Invest your free capacity this #MANDELA DAY 2021

Benefits to Participating Professionals:

  • Increased online visibility through ours and our partners’ extensive community channels and social media;
  • Opportunity to collect and showcase verifiable client reviews and testimonials via Headroom, incl. priority listing for therapists with reviews;
  • Increased visibility through our #MandelaDay2021 Campaign page and the Mandela Day Global Network;

    UNIQUE Opportunity to:
  • Inspire the development of innovative and resilient entrepreneurial talent;
  • Get involved in the first ever African Entrepreneur Well-being Survey;
  • Present in Headroom’s talks at the South African Innovation Summit 2021;
  • Free account on Headroom, to the extent of all free sessions;
  • Opportunity to feature in Headroom‘s promotional videos to be circulated by national and international partner organisations across Sub-Saharan Africa;
  • Save on online branding and advertising – invest just a few hours of free capacity for lasting business referral channels.
Set up your Services line items NOW to be visible for booking – you can offer both FREE service or SPECIAL RATE service for this campaign.

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